By joining the SVNTH Club, you will become a privileged member and get members-only perks.

• Cost

Both tiers are billed monthly so make sure you're on schedule for payment to not lose your benefits.

• I want to cancel my membership

If you want to cancel your subscription, please contact us before the membership renews if you don't want to get charged. We will not refund you the month if you have been billed already. You can alternatively cancel the membership on the membership dashboard. 

• I want to upgrade my membership

If you want to benefit from the Infinity & Beyond perks, you can always upgrade your membership through the membership dashboard.

• Do I get early access to new collection before they sell out?

By joining our SVNTH Club, you will get early access to new collection. They will be available on SVNTHSECRET shop a week before they go on sale for non-members. You will get notified before the collection drops.

• Is there a minimum spent to benefit from the perks?

Once you subscribed to the membership, there is no minimum spent. You can spend as much or as little you like, anytime.