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By joining the SVNTH Club, you will become a privileged member. Let’s discover what it means to be part of our community.

You can choose between two levels : SVNTH Club Mikrokosmos and SVNTH Club Infinity & Beyond.


SVNTH Club Mikrokosmos offers :

  • Avant-première of our upcoming collection

You will receive an email around two weeks to a month before the next collection is available. This email will include mockup drawings of the products included in the collection before anyone else sees them (even before our production team), as well as details on the collection, release date estimations and informations about pre-order.

  • Updates on production

We will share with you every step of the production. From the moment the sample is started with the production team, you will get regular email updates. Get notified about timeline, different stages of production (this includes pictures and videos), estimated shipping time and information about any possible delays.

  • Early access to sales and new collection

Because sometimes it’s hard to get your hands on our products (they sell out pretty fast!) you will receive an access code to our SVNTHSECRET shop. With this code, you will be able to shop the new collection a week earlier and therefore secure your favorite items before anyone else. You will also have access to sales earlier which means more chances to snatch your favourite items.

  • Shorter pre-order wait time

When you’re excited about an order, waiting for it can feel very long. By joining the club, you will benefit from a shorter waiting time for your pre-order. That means that the production would have already been started by the time you placed your order. That you will allow you to receive your products before anyone else.

  • Reserve your shopping cart

You haven’t been paid yet and can’t place your order now? Don’t worry! As a member, you get the chance to reserve up to 3 items for a week. No more stress about not being able to purchase straight away, your favourite items will wait for you during a whole week. 

  • Exclusive sales.

Special days need to be celebrated. New album? A sale. New song? A sale. Tour announcement? A sale. Any member’s birthday? A sale. Your own birthday? A discount code. These are all important days that we want you to benefit from. At every single one of these occasions, you will be granted an access to SVNTHSECRET shop for a 24h exclusive sales.

  • Restock priority access

Our best sellers sell out quickly so to make sure you can get what you want, we offer the possibility to access the restock before the public. That means you will be able to join the SVNTHSECRET shop when it’s restock time! 

SVNTH Club Infinity & Beyond offers :


  • All the perks of the Mikrokosmos membership (+)
  • Free shipping on domestic orders (US ONLY)

Every year, shipping rates are increasing and no one likes that. By joining the Infinity & Beyond Club, you will be able to save money by getting free shipping on all orders within the US. No more money spent on that means more money spent on your fav items! 

  • Exclusive membership prices (International ONLY)

For international orders, it is unfortunately impossible for us to offer free shipping. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t get a privilege. So you will benefit from exclusive prices on our products (yes, all of them) and save money on every order you make with us. 


Join the SVNTH Club and get member-only perks!

Or shop basic, and miss out… Your call



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